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    1. DZUG convened the work conference on the Medium-term Plan for the year of 2019

      DZUG convened the work conference on the Medium-term Plan for the year of 2019 on the afternoon of August 16 in Peony Hall on the third floor of the Dazhong Building, and middle, high-level and management staff of DZUG attended the meeting. Group President, Liang Jiawei presided over the meeting, and the chairman of Group, Yang Guoping attended the meeting and made important work instructions.

      Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Administration Department, Dazhong Logistics, Dazhong Gas and Finance Investment Part of Group made topical subject speeches for the analysis of Group's Economic Activities in the Mid-term of 2019, compensation Management System for Group administrators, promotion of revision of Group management system, operation of Dazhong Logistics, operation of Dazhong Gas and working of Group Financial Investment Part, etc.

      Group President, Liang Jiawei summarized the first half of the group's operation, interpreted the highlights and problems in the first half of the group, and laid out the key work in the second half of the group. The chairman of Group, Yang Guoping made important work instructions on macro situation analysis, group headquarters working points and subsidiary company working points.

      2019 is the Seventieth Anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Adhering to the development strategy of "public utilities and financial venture capital go hand in hand", and focusing on the deployment of the board and the requirements of strategic, the group takes expanding and strengthening the main business of public utilities as the lead, takes layout innovation and investment of high-quality projects as the main line to promote high-quality development, and vigorously promotes all the key work of the group throughout the year. The overall operation of the group shows steady progress, steady improvement and better development quality.